We are your global, long-term partner.

Invest globally, manage in one place.

 ApartInvest Group

Worldwide Serviced Apartments

Global company, local experts.

Every type of property needs constant attention, effective control and professional management at every moment of its existence.
Our goal is simple ownership and maximizing real estate returns through professional management.
We have established ourselves as one of the most trusted names in this industry, because we have a global presence, we cater to clients who reside overseas, but our reasonable fees remain the same regardless of country.
ApartInvest offers full management services, enabling our clients to invest globally without worry.

We offer a professional and reliable management service that takes care of all the details needed to rent the property.

  • Experienced team of property managers
  •  Personal service combined with the latest technology
  •  Good communication for relations between shareholders and owners of the unit
  • Strong financial management adapted to each country* Connection with over 300 booking platforms globally, such as: booking, airbnb, expedia, travco, hotels, tripadvisor...
  • Regardless of the country in which you have the properties, everything is accessible, visible and transparent in a single account
  • We provide management, monitoring and accounting systems, regardless of the country/area/region, according to the local laws in the area where the property is located.
  • Through our own systems and long-term partnerships, we manage to be reliable partners for real estate investors, in almost any destination in the world.


Our mission and journey is to exceed the expectations of investors, team members, guests and communities by serving the world - one person at a time - through personal and profitable stewardship of their investments.

Benefits ApartInvest Group

Regardless of the country in which you own a property, you will be able to manage everything from a single account. Regardless of the country in which you own a property, you will have a dedicated agent 24/24.

Regardless of the country in which you own a property, the standard of services offered will be the same.

How it can help you ApartInvest Group

ApartInvest Group is the ideal service through which you can easily and productively manage real estate/hotel properties even when they are located in different countries.
We provide complete services, at the same standard, with global coverage, from apartments to guesthouses and hotels.
We provide multiple management systems, adapted to local laws, regardless of the country/state in which the property is located.

Why choose us?

You will manage all properties in one place.

Regardless of the city/country where your investment is located, now you can have everything in one place.
  • You will see in one account all the properties and related income, regardless of the platform on which the properties will be displayed.
  • You will have the same system and the same standard for all properties
  • You will have a single percentage to pay for all properties
  • You will have a single dedicated account manager for all properties, regardless of the country in which they are located
  • You will know in real time every time the properties are visited by guests, through self check-in systems, connected in a single account.